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Only thing I wish you would have added was the duck move where people keep dropping you midway through getting you up.

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Use more frames

You don't have enough movement in it, its just moving blocks of color moving and shooting rectangles. Just work a little harder. Download a low detail weapon pack, madness guns work fine. Then just animate. I find using the pencil tool works best for animating sticks.

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Supman914 responds:

Yeah thanks man I make my own guns tho I mean yeah downloading a weapon pack would be smart but 3 weeks ago I found out how to draw guns good.
Thanks for the helpful review


Ten man, cant wait, glad that i have at least one person that is actually good with flash that is using my guns. Good luck man. Oh and its an L96 (AKA an AI_AW) [the sniper rifle.]

iislion responds:

Lol thanks for telling me btw, im terrible with guns i know nothing about them.

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Not bad

Its a bit bland and theres not much new here. Its to easy to die. And I had no idea houses had spike of death in the ground. Well mine doesn't at least. Im missin out :(. Anyway, work on giving more freedom. Maybe more enemys and a life bar.

It was alright

It wasnt too bad actually. But I found it to be very boring. You need to give it some life. You did a pretty good job coding it actually. It was responsive. So just try a bit harder and your set. ^_^

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I really like it

Its very well done, the girl is definitely the focal and the dull colors of the weapons and earth around her definitely solidify that point. But the sky really throws me off. I get the billowy, ominous look you were going for, but it takes away from the girl, detail wise. I just gives me that "thrown together" look. Like you splotched on an array of colors and smudged them a little. Now the sky is well done, but it really just doesn't give me that polished look like everything else in the picture. Nothing against it though man, this is just C&C, keep it up, looks like have been doing so, I love your work.

arvalis responds:

Im not sure how you figured this was a girl. Broad shoulders, well defined musculature, masculine attire, wtf. You might want to pay more attention next time.

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