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Its coming.


2009-02-15 22:24:52 by tecks-mecks

Well im working on a Fallout 3 pack with Loen. I've been going over some Ideas and I think I might make Technicolor Acid into a movie, R13 style, Bryn'll prolly gasm right there.


2007-12-11 07:00:18 by tecks-mecks

Well me and Dean are working on A LOT of things for the site. Hes designing it and im writing and coming up with some concept art for our new movie. For now im just going to practice ideas for effects and such. Right now splashes and damage on trees and rock.


Artist intro

2007-09-17 21:59:45 by tecks-mecks

So here we are. First off I know I wont make much of a dent on this site, its to damn big to. I honestly have to say this is the best community on the net. Ive been graphic designing going three years this November. Ive learned so much about this world we all share. Its amazing, the skills we have, styles, everything. Ive slaved away for hours on end for a digital piece of art that is untouchable, a technological abstract, but I honestly have to say its the highlight of my life. Knowing people are actually out there looking at, reading, contemplating my art, its amazing.


Artist intro